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You Me and Dupree – I Thank You

March 26, 2007

A few weeks ago I saw this film and it really touched me.  I wrote about it in my blog.

I was amazed to find that lots of people did Google searches on You Me and Dupree, and Dupree ness.  I am delighted that the film struck a chord for other people in the same way that it did me.

Somehow, Dupree-ness helped me to identify what Sharon-ness is, and I feel more grounded when I tune into that, so thank you.

Thank you also for the fact that every time I check my blog stats, other people have found the blog through their Google searches relating to the film.  Every time I see that, it reminds me of Dupree ness and therefore Sharon ness.

Thanks to all those visitors to my blog.

Enjoy your ‘ness’!

Ask and You Shall Receive

March 26, 2007

Here’s a slightly different topic for this blog – Angels!!

Angels have been a huge influence in my life.  I forget about them often, but when I think of them and include them in my life, magic happens.

Angels led me (several times – I don’t get hints very easily!) to my career change.  As most of you know, I’m currently doing a course in Horticulture, and loving nearly every minute of it.

Well, I have been troubled about what direction I’m going to take in this new world of gardening.  As is my usual pattern, I agonise over it privately, turning it over and over in my mind.  I use up loads of energy doing this, and I completely forget to rely on the invisible support of the Universe, the Divine, Angels, whatever you like to call it!

One day last week I was driving to my work experience job, and I asked the angels to give me a sign about the best path to take in my new career.  That day I got phonecalls giving me 3 different pieces of work in landscape gardening and design!  I was thrilled – then I was terrified – then I was thrilled and so on….

Today I went to see 3 of the gardens.  I came out feeling totally overwhelmed, under-skilled and terrified.  I phoned my husband (my earth angel!) and told him I was in completely over my head.  He started a new business 3 years ago, and he was having none of it!! He told me that this terror was just how it feels at the beginning, and I just have to step way out of my comfort zone and get through it.  I phoned a gardening student friend, expecting some sympathy, and she said exactly the same thing!  Angels talking to me again?

Anyway, I have spent the evening pouring over my plant books, asking the angels for help, and I have come up with the initial planting plan!

I am feeling very pleased with myself, and I am FEELING GOOD!  This evening was an evening filled with differrent kinds of Special Moments – moments with the kids, conversations with people that love and support me, and fabulous time dreaming about gorgeous plants and how they are going to look together. 

That is my dream, my goal.  That is what I said I wanted. 


A Big Achievement Today

March 23, 2007

I am celebrating this evening.

I am currently in the process of changing career – I love plants, and want to work with plants, so I am studying Horticulture.

Big deal, huh?  Yes.  Big deal.  When you are a Mam with 3 young kids, and prosperity is on its way – but not quite here yet – then going to college full time is a very big deal.  I have been very lucky to get this opportunity, and my hubby has been incredibly supportive throughout.

Anyway, I have just completed my 2 week work experience placement.  I was working in a nursery.  After Day One, I came home almost with tears in my eyes.  Every muscle in my body ached and I thought there was no way I could do this for 2 weeks.  I went back the next day, and the day after that.

By the end of the first week, I was feeling much better.  I was getting used to the work, and I was actually enjoying it!  Over the weekend I found I was missing the work!!  (I know that that is just sad!).

After 2 weeks I feel a huge sense of achievement.  I have learned so much.  I got to work with plants for 2 weeks.  I got to work with fantastic people that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  I had so many Special Moments in the two weeks, and I feel much better equipped to embark on my new career.  I have no idea what exactly I will be doing in the horticulture field yet, but I’m sure all will become clear.

Anyway, I know I did a really good job over the 2 weeks, and that gives me a REALLY good feeling!  My boss gave me a fantastic report, he gave me some money (!!! the deal was that I was offering my services for free in return for the experience), and he gave me some beautiful plants when I was leaving. 

A great day! 

A Mother’s Day filled with Special Moments

March 19, 2007

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in this part of the world, and I had a ball!

I got breaskfast in bed.  My kids gave me cards they had made, and my hubby gave me a fantastic cd – the new re-worked Beatles Love cd – I highly recommend it.

The best bit, though, is that I asked for free time to do some gardening.  I went to the garden centre and spent much more than I intended on seeds, came home and spent a fabulous 2 hours potting seeds for Lavatera, Oriental Poppies, Cosmea, Sweet Pea, Rudbeckia, Nasturtiums, Delphiniums and Lupins.  I don’t have a glasshouse yet so my house is full of seed trays, and I absolutely love it.

Because I spent time doing something I loved so much – I FELT GOOD.  Gardening qualified for sure as a Special Moment.  I was feeling fantastic about getting the seeds sown, so I was in great form for an evening with my kids.  We watched the finals of You’re A Star – the Irish version of the X Factor.  Our favourite band didn’t win, but we really enjoyed the evening.  A day made up of Special Moments!

Listening to Words of Wisdom from Those Around Me

March 14, 2007

Today I got the same message twice from two very different people – one my gorgeous husband, who is truly a Saint, and one from a wonderful client.

Basically, the message is a reminder to me – I keep forgetting this one.

You HAVE TO look after YOURSELF, and keep yourself balanced.  It is important for how you walk in the world.

I was chatting to Tony about a person becoming the fall guy in a group, be it a family or a work team.  In our family, the fall guy is often our middle child.  If the kids are acting up, we might assume that he is the cause.  I’d say he gets given out to more than the others.

In college I am on a two week placement, and the Manager constantly criticises one of the employees, who is doing a very good job, as far as I can see.  He is the employee that everyone talks about.  The boss is in the habit of blaming him for everything.

In college there is one guy in the class that the rest of the class is united in finding irritating, and we constantly give out about him.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Anyway, my saintly husband reminded me that when we are in a good place, we don’t jump to any assumptions about situations with the kids.  We don’t assume our middle guy is the instigator.  We just calmly accept the situation, and deal with each child helping them to deal with what is going on.  He reckons that if the boss was in a good space, he would not be irritated by this employee, and he wouldn’t constantly pick on him or criticize his work. 

He is absolutely right.  I realise that in college, too, when I am in a good space, then I have a level of understanding and empathy towards the guy that irritates us all.  Now don’t get me wrong – this guy is hard work!  But he is just trying to operate in an education system that does not suit him at all.  He just doesn’t fit.  When I am in a good space, I can see that and can even try to help him through.

Then my client was talking about a comment someone made in her company last week that really got to her and basically set her back for a week.  She expressed that she had been feeling low, and that is why the comment got to her so much.  She said that if she had been feeling well, she would have dealt with it completely differently and would not have internalised it at all.

Same wisdom, different voices.

God gave us two ears and only one mouth – I for one am guilty of remembering that. reminded me of that today.  He is an Irish motivational speaker.  I have been to a couple of his workshops and he is brilliant.  Anyway, his exact words on this are:

“God gave us two ears but only one mouth for a reason – listen!
Listen to everybody even the most annoying of customers and/or employees -they could be your teacher. Listen and welcome complaints – when solved they help to convert customers into friends. Listen and honour the dreams of your people.”

So my two lessons from today:

Pay attention to how my energy is, to how I am feeling, and do whatever it takes to FEEL GOOD.  This means that I can deal with other people in their TRUTH, not through my annoyance and tiredness.

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN.  There are words of wisdom all around.  There are ways that I can help people to FEEL GOOD.  This in turn helps me to FEEL GOOD.  Win Win Situation!!!

James Ray reminded me about ENTHUSIASM

March 11, 2007

Thomas Emerson said “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm”.

 I have heard that quote before, but was reminded of it by James Ray when I watched his video clip on  Thanks a million, Jan, for the link in your comment.

My God, but does James Ray practice what he preaches!!  The enthusiasm and energy is just jumping off the screen at you.  You can see that this man loves what he does.  It just pours out of him.

Well, the truth is that I have been on a downward slide for the last couple of days… and the missing ingredient was – you guessed it – enthusiasm!!!  I haven’t been enthusiastic about anything – not the kids – not studying – not cooking – not setting goals – not chatting with friends – not even watching tv with enthusiasm!  When I am in this frame of mind do you know what this makes me?  Not fun at all!!!

James Ray reminded me that its not what you are doing, its the way that you do it that determines success.  His “shoeshine” story is a really good illustration of that.

I watched the video clip, I got up off my chair and I went down the hall to my family and played Scrabble with enthusiasm.  If you only knew how I hate Scrabble, you would understand how difficult that was!  Guess what?  I enjoyed Scrabble.  It turned out to be a turning point in our weekend.  We had Special Moments together.  The kids went to bed happy, and I no longer had the feeling that it had been a totally crap weekend.

Thank you James, and thank you Jan for sending me the link to put me back on track.

Lessons from You, Me and Dupree!

March 11, 2007

My husband and I wanted to just chill out on Friday night.  We’d both worked very hard all week and were exhausted.  We decided to light the fire and watch a film – something light and entertaining – not too taxing on the brain!

You, Me and Dupree was selected, and it fit the bill perfectly. In fact, sitting there with Tony on Friday night definitely qualified as a long Special Moment.

There was a little aspect of the film that we both really liked.  At the beginning of the film, the character Dupree was talking to his friend about his ‘ness’.  For example, if you name was Karl, it would be your ‘Karl-ness’.  At the beginning of the film, this came across as insincere flattery.  By the end of the film, you ‘got’ what he meant.  It was only when the other character was being true to himself and making decisions based on his own values that things started to go his way.  When he tuned into his ‘Karl-ness’ his life got better.

I loved the end of the film.  This off-beat character, Dupree, found his niche and was loved for his ‘Dupree-ness’!!!

This weekend has been a bit crap.  I have not been in touch with my ‘Sharon-ness’.  Well – enough of that – time for change.  A woman committed to living an Exceptional Life full of adventure, fun and Special Moments just cannot allow that to continue.

I’m tuned into my ‘Sharon-ness’ once again, and its not half bad.  I’m off to enjoy some Special Moments with my kids, watching their favourite Sunday night television programme.  Its never too late to salvage a mediocre weekend!

Families in Trouble need Special Moments

March 6, 2007

Last night I watched an Irish television programme on RTE1 called Families in Trouble.  This programme follows a family while a child psychologist works with the parents to help their family to deal effectively with their children.  This makes a happier family experience for EVERYONE in the family.

As I watched, the psychologist was trying the help the parents to focus on the positive, not the negative behaviour.  This is fantastic for the Law of Attraction.  What you focus on grows.  He was outlining to them how, if they continually tell their children they are ‘bold’, it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Again – what you focus on grows.  Catch them being good and acknowledge them for it, and that behaviour will be endorsed and will increase.

The programme has reminded me to focus on the positive with my own kids.  It is so easy to fall back to the easy route of focussing on the negative – but where that leads to is not a nice place for anyone – me or the kids!

I also could really identify with the couple in the programme.  The stress of dealing with children all the time is huge. 

So where does Special Moments come in to all of this?

Every time you acknowledge positive behaviour and affirm a child you create a Special Moment.  I notice when I do it that they really enjoy the praise and internalise it in front of my eyes.

I feel better about myself then – Special Moment no. 2.

If I create Special Moments for myself  on a regular basis, I keep my stress levels low and then there is the potential for lots of Special Moments during family time.

The psychologist encouraged the family to create special family time where each member of the family is affirmed.  He asked the parents to make a note of one really positive thing about each child and during special time set aside with all the children they were to read out that thing about each child.  I can’t think of a better example of Special Family Time.

Here’s to better parenting, happier family time, and many many Special Moments!

The TRUTH about Treasure Mapping

March 2, 2007

The TRUTH about Treasure Mapping is that it is incredibly powerful and it really works.

How do I know?  Regular visitors to his blog will know that I did a big Treasure Map less than 2 weeks ago.  Since then, so much has changed in my life:

– I have pictures of my ideal kitchen on my map, with the word WARM on it, and statements about my kitchen being the heart of the home, a place of creativity and laughter.  What has happened?  I got a stove in my kitchen, so now it is WARM, and that is changing how we use the kitchen.  It really is the heart of our home now, and we have laughed together a lot since it was installed.

– I have pictures of me working in the garden, and pictures representing my business, an aspect of which is a landscape gardening business.  I have just started my first big landscape gardening job and it is going really well.

– I have pictures and words that signify feeling confident, full of ideas, inspiration, and energy to ‘Get Up and Go’, to make things happen.  My behaviour and mood have matched these.

– I have pictures of my family, with words on them that signify how I want to feel in my family, with my husband and kids.  Guess what?  We are in a lovely space with each other and everyone seems happy and balanced.

– I have a picture of a woman with the body I would like to have.  What has happened there?  Well, I don’t know if I am losing any weight because I ignore the scales now, but I have noticed that my appetite has decreased, and that for the first time in my life I don’t eat for emotional reasons.

That’s just a taste of how wonderful this Treasure Map has been for me in just 11 days! 

Now you have no excuse – just try it.  If you would like to know more about how to go about the process, just leave me a message and I’ll take you through it.



Special Moments and My New Stove

March 2, 2007

We got a new stove – a wood burning stove – it is gorgeous, fantastic, cosy …..

It was installed 4 days ago, and it has brought so much happiness and such FEEL GOOD feelings.

Our kitchen is a cold kitchen.  It is on the North side of the house.  I have felt sad about this ever since we bought the house 3 years ago.

This week, finally, we got a stove for the kitchen and it has transformed the kitchen, and how we all are together in the kitchen.  It is cosy and warm now.  We have put a couple of cosy chairs beside the stove, and guess what?  We all end up sitting by the fire – kids on our knees – chatting, reading stories, talking about our day.

That stove is the best investment in Special Moments we have ever made!

What could you do to bring more Special Moments to your kitchen?

If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know.