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Holidays on the Shannon River – Concentrated Special Moments

April 11, 2007

Today is the day… we’re off on holidays for a few days cruising on the Shannon River in Ireland.

We’ve done it a few times before, and it promises to be a few days of concentrated Special Moments.  Why?  Its the slowest holiday I know.  You just cruise slowly along this beautiful in the middle of magnificent countryside.  No television, no internet.  The mobile phones get consigned to the bottom of a drawer somewhere so that we hopefully won’t hear them if they ring.

We’re bringing a couple of board games, a deck of cards, warm clothes and more books than I could read in a month!!

Basically, I won’t be trying to do several things at once, keep several balls in the air.  All I’m trying to do is be with my family, keep us all safe on this cruiser, and get very slowly from point A to point B along the river.  The biggest challenge for me is jumping from the boat to the jetty with the rope when we are berthing! 

Back in a few days to let you know how it went.



Mindfulness leads to Special Moments

April 5, 2007

A friend gave me a few handouts after a workshop she did on Mindfulness.  Of course, being absent-minded, I lost them!  Anyway, I found them today, and read them.

One very special handout was about multi-tasking actually lowers productivity, not raises it.  Now as a working mum, I have taken multi-tasking to a higher level.  I am constantly doing at least 2 things at a time.  In the past couple of weeks things have been crazy.  I am listening to my kids at the same time as reading my books for college.  Telephone conversations never happen unless I am tidying, ironing, working on the computer etc. at the same time. But guess what?  I haven’t noticed very many Special Moments in the last few weeks.

Today, I was very busy, but I only did one thing at a time – most of the time!  Today, I experienced quite a few Special Moments with my kids and with myself.  Mindfulness takes practice.  I had completely fallen out of the habit of it.  It means really feeling the water and the dishes when you are washing the dishes.  Really hearing the sounds around you.  Really feeling the keys while you are typing your blog entry!

Multi-tasking is how I live my life, but I don’t think it is good for me.  I don’t think it makes me happy.

Practice of mindfulness and doing one thing at a time continues…..


Angels and The Law of Rhythm in all it’s GLORY

April 5, 2007

Wow!  What a day!

I am definitely on a peak in terms of the Law of Rhythm.  It feels fantastic!!!  If I’m really honest, though, I’m glad I know I’m on a peak, and I don’t have to keep up this incredible energy level and work rate.

I said a prayer to the angels this morning.  I got the prayer on a Doreen Virtue website.  It was on the sales page for her new angel course.  The text is here:

Archangel Michael, I ask you and your helpers to come to me now.  Please cut away and release anything that is draining me.  Help toleft my energy to its natural state of vitality now.  Thank you.

Wow!!!  Try it for yourself!  If the course is even half as good as the angel prayers, it must really blow your mind!

I was being a mammy today (my kids are off school for their Easter holidays), and writing a project for my horticulture course, and doing up a planting plan for a client, and networking for my new business, and organising a playdate for my son, and doing the supermarket shopping, and cleaning my son’s bedroom so his granny can stay when she comes tomorrow, and planning meals for visitors all weekend, and digging in my garden …..  The list goes on.

The best bit – the very best bit – is that I did all this in good form.  I was a really good mammy today.  I was patient, I was positive, everyone was happy and it was a good day in the Murphy household.

Now all I have to do is remember, when I am in a trough, that I achieved enough today to allow myself to achieve very little on those other days, and just accept where I am at.


April 2, 2007

To be a good friend remember that we are human magnets: that like attracts like and that as we give we get.

Wilfred Peterson
This quote was in an email from the From the Masters website, and it was timely for me today.

I have just come off the phone with an old friend whose father died last week.  I hadn’t seen her for about 2 years, until I went to her father’s funeral.  I felt very sad that her father had died, but I was crying at that funeral for myself, really.  I was crying because I had not been a good friend to her over the last couple of years.  I have been too busy with my own life, and I was not there to support her during her father’s illness.

If you had asked me last week who my best friend was, I would have said it was my husband. 

This week, though, I realised that my relationship with him is just like a mirror of my relationship with myself.

Let me explain:

Last week I was indulging in some very negative self-talk.  I was on a downward spiral.  The more I gave out to myself and focussed on my weaknesses, the worse my humour became.  I felt like a horrible human being with a great big black heart.  I was introverted and incommunicative.  My heart was closed.  Did this make for a happy relationship with my spouse?  No.  We didn’t argue.  We just lived alongside each other.  A life of mediocrity. It made us both pretty miserable.

This lasted for about a week, when on the same morning, we both decided that something needed to be done.  Somehow, it was also the first morning that I was beginning to feel a little more charitable towards myself.  My heart felt more open, and we were back on track.  We were communicating openly again, loving each other again, and the whole world seemed like a beautiful place.

I realised that my best friend has to be myself.  I need to treat myself like I would aspire to treat my best friend. 

FEELING GOOD – its the only way.  Mediocrity is not good enough for me – I want an extraordinary life filled with miracles, wonder, and an incredibly happy marriage!!!

The Law of Rhythm, according to James Ray and my Sister-in-Law!

April 2, 2007

A few weeks ago I found myself having a really interesting chat with my husband’s sister.  We were chatting about her work as a lecturer.  She was explaining that when she was feeling good, her productivity was just amazing and her lecturing was on fire!  However, the down side – there were other times when she was just completely ineffective and incapable of performing well.  She said she has had days when it has been difficult to string a sentence together!

I was intrigued, because she was articulating something that I had an awareness of in my own life, but had never been able to quite grasp or understand.  I, too, experience that same rhythm.  I have phases of amazing productivity.  Everything just falls into place perfectly.  I achieve a huge amount.  I am in the ZONE!!  The other side of the coin is just crap (a way we Irish have of expressing how terrible something is).  I can seem to get nothing done.  I feel like I am climbing a steep hill, fighting against the tide to achieve anything.  Everything feels like such a huge deal.  Also, when I am in this space, it is so hard to feel positive about things.  My sense of TRUST goes out the window!  I don’t TRUST that everything will be okay, and I don’t TRUST that this is just a phase and I will find myself back in the ZONE before long.  This sends me into a completely panic that my life is falling apart.  Not fun at all, for me or for those unlucky enough to be around me!!

Imagine my relief when I heard James Ray speak about the Law of Rhythm.  It felt so much better when I heard someone whose opinion I really respect put a name on this pattern in my life.  It immediately took the panic out of it.  He expressed what it was like for him when he was in a downward phase.  It is so reassuring when you hear someone who seems to have life sorted express that they experience the same downward phases in their life that you do. 

Somehow, I still am not at a place where I can just trust the downward phase, stop pushing so hard at trying to achieve and just let it pass.  I’m getting there, though.  And I certainly enjoy the good phases! 

This last week has been a downward phase for me.  But I can feel it – I’m on the way back up again!  I’m determined to enjoy the ride!!