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Special Moment Spaces

August 19, 2007

Finally, we have started our Garden Project.  We have a one acre garden, and while we have loads of plans and dreams for it, it was really difficult to just START something.

Well, this week, we have started with a fantastic wooden deck outside our kitchen.  It should be called the Special Moments deck because it just invites you outside to sit, relax, slow down.  Also, it will give me so many Special Moments while I do what I love to do most – plant up some new flower borders around it.

First off, I need a climber for my new pergola – any suggestions for a climber that will climb a pole on a pergola and will cope with full sun and an exposed site?  All suggestions received with gratitude!


Kids are so good at the Law of Attraction

August 19, 2007

We were having a chat over breakfast one morning, and one of the kids said something that blew us away.  I can’t remember what we were chatting about, but one of the kids said : Great Things Happen to the Murphy Family. 

Well, that comment stopped us in our tracks.  Immediately we decided to adopt this as our Family Motto.  Talk about attracting good things for our family if we really believed this to be true.

So our family motto is : Valde res contingo Murphy prosapia

Great Things Happen to the Murphy Family

(Any Latin scholars out there – please let me know if the translation is correct!)