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A Lazy Sunday, Friends, and a Roast Dinner

November 18, 2007

Today was an absolutely brilliant day – a lazy Sunday morning in bed – far later than intended!  Then a brisk walk with the dog, before hastily cleaning the house and preparing dinner for friends.

 Until a couple of weeks ago I worked on Sundays in a local garden centre.  I had no problem working Sundays all year, but lately it began to be a problem for me, so I decided to stop working Sundays.

What is the upshot of that?  I LOVE Sundays, and today was full of Special Moments.  Family Sundays can be magical.  Today had the perfect recipe – a lie on in bed, a fabulous walk with the most gorgeous dog in the world, relaxed time to cook a Sunday roast and good friends to share it with.  That one will be hard to beat!!!

Quality Time and Hot Chocolate – a Winning Combination!!!

November 16, 2007

This afternoon I had an unexpected hour with my middle son.  This is very unusual – with all the running, dropping and collecting a window of time with just one of the children doesn’t come along very often.

I took him into town to go for a cup of hot chocolate in a lovely coffee shop in New Ross, Co. Wexford, called The Nutshell.  On the way in to town, we saw my husband, his dad, walking along the street in between customer calls, and we phoned him to see if he would like to join us.

The result?  A fantastic 30 minutes, just the 3 of us.  Ciaran was so thrilled to be there – and I would give the hot chocolate a 10 out of 10!!!

 Half an hour that could have been ordinary was turned into a Special Moment.  The more I look for opportunities to turn moments into Special Moments the better my life gets!!!

A Special Moment Courtesy of a Radio Show

November 16, 2007

My husband was listening to a radio show here in Ireland the other day.  Rick O’Shea, on 2FM, ask the listeners to call in to tell the us all the things that made them happy.

 A taxi driver called in to say that he absolutely loved working for himself.  One of the things he loved about it was that he could decide not to work on a given day and sit at home in the morning, cuddled up in his living room watching a DVD.

Well, my husband and I both work for ourselves, so he decided that we should take time this morning when the kids were gone to school to sit and watch a DVD.  The film wasn’t great, but the feeling was like skipping school!!!  It was brilliant, and it was a Special Moment for sure. 

Sometimes we forget to stop and see the choices and options we have around us.  Working for ourselves gives huge freedom.  Today we took advantage and it felt great.