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The Special Moments Journal Works!!!!

April 28, 2008

Yahoo!!!  People are getting REAL benefits from Special Moment Journalling!!! 

I was at a Health Fair in Wexford yesterday – it was my first time to take a stand at a Health Fair with my Aura-Soma Bottles and I had a ball.  It was great to meet other therapists and chat to people who were interested in healing or spirituality.  Businsswise I earned some money from mini-consultations and sales of bottles, which was brilliant. 

The Best Best Best bit, though, was that during the day 4 different people who had been at a talk I gave in Wexford 6 weeks ago or so, all came up to me at different times during the day to say the same thing – after my talk, they went out and got themselves a notebook and started to keep a Special Moments Journal – and they all said that they are really enjoying it and are keeping it up!!!  I was THRILLED.

It is so nice to tell someone about something that has really helped you and then to get feedback that it is working for them too.

Also, one of the women who was at that talk came and asked me to speak to a Women’s Group she runs so thats in the diary now, too.  Another opportunity to talk about Special Moments!

All round a great day – and a day filled with Special Moments – not least of which was having my kids and Tony help me with my stand set-up and taking everything down again.  They are getting so grown up and they were thrilled to be involved.

Special Moments really works – I knew it worked so well for me – and I get a huge thrill every time I hear that it works for other people too.

Wishing you countless Special Moments,




Make a Special Effort with an Old Friend

April 24, 2008

I had a real treat this week.  A friend that I don’t see much of anymore sent me a text to say she was going to pick me up one morning this week and take me out for a treat for my birthday.  She wouldn’t say where – she just said she knew the perfect the place – well, the mystery!!!  I felt so spoiled!

Tuesday came, my friend arrived, and we went to a gorgeous coffee shop and we talked and talked – we laughed and we actually cried as we caught up on some of the trauma she had experienced in the last while.  We had a couple of hours before she had to pick up her youngest boy, and we sure made best use of the time!  It was pure luxury to sit and catch up with each other’s lives.  It was an inspirational morning, and we both came home to our lives re-energized and motivated.  We are meeting again in 2 weeks – we have decided to make more of an effort to keep regular contact.

Sometimes I find it difficult to make the time to keep in touch with friends when we no longer cross paths in our daily lives, but it is so worth the effort.  I am going to make it my business to do something similar for a friend very soon – just whisk them away for a few hours of catch up time.  I really feel the simple things are the best!


Guilty Family Time – August Rush

April 16, 2008

I was feeling a bit guilty yesterday because I didn’t spend much time with my kids on my birthday.

Guilt sometimes is a great thing!  I decided that I would rent a film for tonight that we would all watch together.  I spotted one I hadn’t heard of – August Rush – and it really sparked something because it was about playing music, hearing music, feeling music.

Well, I have to say that in this house, it was a tremendous success.  We sat down together and we were all absolutely enthralled.  I, as usual, was in tears at the end.  At one point there was a moment in the film and my middle son just jumped up and yelled YES at the tv – when we looked at him he looked a bit surprised and embarrassed!!  He had just been totally immersed in the story.

So guilt led to a great Family Special Moment.  Who says its a wasted emotion?


Birthday Celebrations – Countless Special Moments

April 16, 2008

I haven’t posted for a week or so – because I’ve been celebrating!!! 

I celebrated the wonderful milestone of my 40th birthday this week – actually, I celebrated all week!  I had a great party with my girlfriends.  A friend was celebrating the milestone of 50 years the same week, so we had a 90th birthday party.   Only problem?  She kept telling everyone we were both 45!!!  I had a fantastic family celebration, and a brilliant day out with my husband on the actual day of my birthday.

I couldn’t count the Special Moments
– texts and telephone calls with birthday wishes
– hearing my mother sing Happy Birthday to me on the phone (and knowing that she was in the middle of a busy office at the time!)
– reading lovely messages on cards
– getting beautiful pressies
– getting a fantastic parcel in the post
– getting tipsy with friends
– getting tipsy with my husband
– watching cine films of my childhood with my family
– three generations of my family singing Happy Birthday to me with a chocolate caterpillar cake with smarties on top – they know me so well!
– the most beautiful walk in the world around the Hook Peninsula in the South of Ireland on a beautiful day with clear blue skies – a little bit of heaven! 

And that was only the highlights!!! 

Special Moments is about celebrating the ordinary everyday moments in our lives, but celebrating the occasions is a huge part of it too. 

I mean, turning 40 doesn’t actually mean anything.  You’re still the same person on the day before and the day after.  But the way we organise this chaotic world of ours, we have set milestones along the journey through life, and I chose to really mark the milestone of 40 years walking this earth (well, 39 – I didn’t walk til I was a year old!).

For me, 40 is about new beginnings.  I was celebrating finally feeling grown up!  Also, I have always felt that my forties were going to be just fantastic.  My kids are doing great and are more and more independent.  My forties are when I get to concentrate on myself and my career again.

Here’s to milestones, to 40 years, and to new beginnings!


Liverpool F.C. – You Rock!!!

April 8, 2008

My God – the pressure!!!  The Murphy Family have just been watching the Liverpool -v- Arsenal game and it was nail-biting stuff!!  I must admit I didn’t watch until the last 15 minutes.  I was leaving the soccer fanatics to their passion and I was busy gardening, which is my passion.  However the shouts and roars eventually pulled me in, and when I got there I was hooked!!!

Liverpool won – the hubby is in fantastic form – the kids are delighted – the atmosphere is wonderful.  Concentrated Special Moments in the Murphy household. 

I really enjoyed the moment, but I hadn’t quite registered it as a Special Moment until my son, Ciaran, said “Mam, you should put a post on your blog about this”.  Now there was another Special Moment right there – the kids really get the Special Moments philosophy, and I just love when they teach me and remind me about it.

Have to go – the texts are flying in from other Liverpool supporters and those that know well that this is a Liverpool FC house, through and through.

The Moses code

April 8, 2008

Being inspired is definitely a brilliant way to feel good and to experience Special Moments.  On Saturday night, Tony and I downloaded and watched the new film by James Twyman called The Moses Code.  It is billed as the follow-on to The Secret.

I loved it.  I found it inspirational, and it has certainly fuelled my thoughts in the past few days.  I have been trying the exercises too!  I am left with some questions, but they seem to be being answered as the days pass.  I’m going to get the book so I can dip into the message whenever I feel the need.

You can download it at

I LOVE feeling inspired! 

Carpe Diem – Do Something Different Today!

April 6, 2008

Ok, first up, I have to be honest – this wasn’t my idea.  My hubby was the instigator this time!

Usually on a Sunday when we don’t have something in the diary, we have a lie in and the kids watch tv.  Then when we get up, the kids argue about turning the television off, everyone gets cranky, and the day may or may not improve.

Last night, Tony came up with a plan to Seize the Day.  He planned that we would get up really early, get the kids up, and head off to the beach before breakfast. 

Up we got – some of us more willing than others!  Tony nagged us until we were all in the car, and off we went to the beach.  It was fantastic.  We were there early in the morning, before people had really started moving around on a lazy Sunday.  We were climbing rocks and walking on cliff paths.  It was freezing and windy, but magnificent. 

When we got really cold, we found a cafe and went in for a hot breakfast.  Heaven.

We arrived home around lunchtime, and we still have most of the day ahead!  It really meant we made the most of a Sunday.

Changing routine is fantastic!  We made memories for the Murphy Family today.  God knows what next Sunday might hold!!!