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Two New Chicks (of the Poultry Variety!!)

June 21, 2008

I am a parent again and I am so proud!!!  Not half as proud as my husband!!!!

We have had a lot of poultry decisions lately.  We had 6 hens – one bantam and 5 rhode island reds, but they were getting very old and were no longer laying.  Well, this year, after much soul-searching (all farmers and small-holders will be laughing at us at this point!), we decided that our rhode island reds had been given a 2 year retirement and a wonderful life here, but we needed eggs!!!  Our hen house wasn’t big enough to accommodate our retired hen community as well as some new ones, so we decided to send them to their hen house in the sky.  Of course, we took the wimp’s way out and gave them to a friend’s husband to do the terrible deed!!!!

Then we went off and bought 6 point-of-lay rhode island reds and introduced them to our bantam hen and cockerel. 

So where do the new chicks come into the tale?  Well, one of the rhode island reds laid one egg before they left us, and the bantam got broody and started sitting on it.  I told my friend who is an expert poultry keeper, and she had some eggs she thought were fertilised and she gave them to me for our bantam to sit on. 

You already know the good news – two days ago 2 beautiful chicks hatched, and our bantam is a wonderful, if fierce, mother hen.  They are cheeky little devils, and they are very adventurous and very noisy!  I’d say they are driving the rest of the hens absolutely mad!!!!  Also, the bantam is bullying the new hens any time they come near, and they are banished from the hen house for most of the time.  Today was lashing rain and the new hens were all outside, drenched and miserable, so we had to take steps to set up separate accommodation for mother and babies. 

All of this is fantastic fun altogether.  There is nothing quite like watching day old chicks climbing all over their mother and nestling themselves in under her wings. 

Have I convinced anyone to get hens?  Go on – you know you want to!!!!

Wishing you countless Special Moments (and lots of eggs!) Every Day


Didn’t Feel ‘Special’ Enough for Special Moments

June 21, 2008

Hi all,

I haven’t posted for a little while.  It has been an up and down time.  But today, I’m back on track!!!  Its lashing outside.  The weather is miserable, and its Midsummers Day, which is making everyone here in Ireland feel very sorry for themselves.  But I’ve had the best day I’ve had for a long time.

What is the difference?  Today I feel great.  I feel good about myself, and that means that I can easily notice the Special Moments throughout the day.  The very same moments have been there every other day, but for the past little while, I haven’t been feeling good enough to be aware of them.  Today, they were magical moments.

What is the key then?  Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel special.  Honestly, that’s it!!!  When you feel special, when you feel good, you are in a space to notice the magical moments, and immediately the world is a magical place – its the same world – you simply notice the magic in the ordinary!

So what turned it around for me?  Well – and this might turn many of you right off – I have been doing a course on Angel Card Reading and I am loving it.  Basically, it opens you up to receiving direction from the angels.  At the class yesterday I had a beautiful reading from one of the other students, Noreen, and from Ann O’Connor, who runs the classes (a beautiful soul who touches so many!).  It just turned me around – took the negative glasses off and returned the magical ones. 

Today could have been a really crap day.  I had wanted to get some gardening done – the beds are all planted now, but the weeds in the existing beds in the front garden are getting to scary sizes!  Also, we had planned to head off to a Medieval Festival close-by, by the rain put paid to all that.  Instead, I took my eldest son into town for lunch, and while in town I bought myself a wonderful new book about gardening.  Then we just had a lazy afternoon.  I rang a friend I hadn’t spoken to for ages, and we had a great chat.  I cooked a lovely dinner and set the table with a table cloth and candles, and we all watched Dr. Who, our current family favourite, together.

Here’s to countless magical days for us all!!!

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel special – it will change your world!!!



My favourite Quotes are from The Talmud

June 3, 2008

There is a quote that is my all-time favourite and it is from The Talmud.

“We see things not as they are, but as we are.”

Its all about perspective, and when I’m not feeling good I have a completely different perspective to the times when I am feeling good.  When I’m not feeling good (I haven’t been in a good space for the past few days), things upset me, and I tend to dwell on things.  My mind goes crazy.  I don’t talk very much, because my mind is so befuddled that I wouldn’t be able to choose which string of thoughts to say out loud!  Most of the talk in my head is negative, and I tend to give myself a very hard time.

So does this lead to Special Moments?  Absolutely not.  And the sad thing is that the Special Moments are still happening – I am just missing them completely.

So its back to basics for me.  Back to the discipline of my Special Moments lists.  It helps me to let go of the busy thoughts and the negative chatter, because it brings my focus back to the positive.

My second favourite quote is also from The Talmud:

“Every blade of grass has its Angel that leans over it and whispers “Grow, Grow”.”

I can just imagine our angelic cheerleaders up there, rooting for us! 

Wishing you countless Special Moments everyday, and a clear mind to enjoy them.