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A Proud “Mammy” Moment!!!

July 14, 2008

Yesterday was a very proud day for me.  My second son, Ciaran, 10 years old, was featured in one of our national Sunday newspapers.  The story goes like this:

Ciaran loves books, and he has created a website for kids about books called  Anyway, he decided that he would love to have a review of a book published in the newspaper, so he wrote one and sent it off to the Sunday Tribune.  Well, the doors opened for him!  The editor emailed him and told him his timing was perfect – they were doing a feature on kids books, and they had looked at his website and thought it was great.  She got a journalist to phone to interview him, and they sent a photographer down to take pictures.  You can imagine the excitement!

Then we had to wait for Sunday to see the paper.  I won’t forget the thrill when I opened the paper for quite some time!  There was a fabulous photo of my Ciaran on the front page, and a full-page article on him inside, complete with his book review!!!

Ciaran was absolutely thrilled – his grin was so wide!!! 

If you’re interested, you can see the article at

Not your ordinary everyday Special Moment, but a very special moment all the same!!!

Wishing you countless special moments everyday.



Milestones in the Garden

July 2, 2008

The garden is coming along nicely.  Yesterday, I cut my first bunch of flowers from the garden.  They are so beautiful.  I have a peony, the only peony bloom this year – hopefully next year there will be lots more.  The scent is divine.  I have penstemons and alchemilla mollis and the first of my cosmos.  They are on my kitchen table and every time I see them it gives me a lift.  There is something so nice about cutting flowers from your own garden for the house.

There is lots more to come in the garden.  The annual flowers are only budding up now.  The sweet pea still seem a while off flowering.  My garden seems very late this year, but we have had so much wind that I reckon thats why everything is late.

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely.  Lettuce and spinach are fantastic.  We ate our first potatoes from the garden this week, and they were gorgeous.  Thumbs up from all the kids.  Our cabbage has been destroyed and slugs keep getting the strawberries before we do!  Courgettes, pumpkin, butternut squash and peas all coming along slowly.  I planted tall varieties of calendula in the vegetable garden and they are starting to flower now.  What a fantastic shade of orange.  They give me a lift whenever I notice them.

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.



Update on the Chicks and Hens

July 2, 2008

Chicks really are like cartoon characters.  They fall over themselves and right themselves shaking their head just like Tweetie Pie, I promise you!

Our two chicks are fantastic.  We had to separate them and their surrogate mother from the rest of the hens, because the chicks were so loud and cheeky we reckoned they would drive the rest of the hens mad.  They are all together again now, and the chicks are fighting for their share of the food, even though their mam keeps a watchful eye and makes sure they get tasty morsals too.

Two of the new hens have started to lay eggs!  We are thrilled.  Hopefully they’ll all be laying very soon, and we’ll have 5 or 6 eggs every day.

Keeping hens is pure therapy – okay, cleaning out the hen house is not fun, but the hubby does that job! 

Watching the shenanigans as the hens fight over food, and the chicks fly into the food bowl and fall over themselves in the process has been great fun – and the eggs are fantastic too.

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.




Simple Pleasures are the Best

July 2, 2008

The summer holidays have begun, and in true Irish style, it is raining!!!

Anyway, the weather isn’t bothering us.  We had a lovely walk in the rain yesterday.  Niamh couldn’t wait to get togged out in wellies and raincoat and umbrella.  Today we had a picnic in the television room, and we read some of Harry Potter. 

For me, I have had so many Special Moments over the past few days.  We are all much more relaxed because there is nowhere we have to be this week, and I am noticing countless Special Moments throughout the day.  One was watching the two boys messing together in the kitchen trying to perfect a new funny walk they had created.  Another was watching them dancing on the deck in their pyjamas in the rain.

For me personally, I have been much more relaxed this week and I have been taking time out in between work times.  I have been enjoying some brilliant novels and pottering in the garden.

I love summertime!

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.  I hope the sun shines, wherever you are.