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Nightmares can be Great!!!

August 21, 2008

Last week I had the worst dream ever.  It was so real it was freaky!!!

I dreamt that my husband had left me.  That was bad enough, but as the dream progressed he met someone else.  Okay, so we were dealing with this.  Then – oh God – he let it slip that he had been seeing this other woman for about 6 months before he left me!!!  Now there was the blow right to the solar plexus.  I felt sick to the very core.  It was as if our whole life together had been a lie.  I woke up, and he actually wasn’t there beside me – that just prolonged the feeling.

So how could this nightmare possibly be good?  Well it was the biggest wake up call I have had for a while.  I realised that we had been living ‘beside’ each other, if you know what I mean.  We had forgotten to be each other’s best friend.  We were just a bit bored.  This dream woke me up to what it would feel like without him, and to how I needed to value him more.

Result?  Romance, romance and more romance, and countless Special Moments!!!  We have had a fantastic couple of weeks.

I wouldn’t wish the nightmare on anyone, but maybe, just maybe, let yourself daydream a little about losing someone important in your life and how that would feel, and it will tune you in again to how you would like that relationship to be.

Once again, perspective proves to be the key!  Maybe letting yourself look at things from a potentially very differrent perspective make you change your perspective on your current reality.

Wishing you countless Special Moments everyday.



The work… and then the glory…

August 21, 2008
Orange and Red Display

Orange and Red Display

Well, the weather in Ireland this summer has been wet, wet, wet, and even wetter!!!  The flower garden has taken a beating, but has withstood the elements, and it is looking good.

The best bit, though, the bit that I love the most, is cutting bunches of flowers.  I have had a ball.  Sweetpea and cosmos and lavatera and cornflowers and penstemon and larkspur all go beautifully together.

This year, I started cutting hot coloured bunches.  I cut this display earlier in the week.  After 5 days it is still looking good.  Sunflowers, daisies, calendula, montbretia and larkspur together are gorgeous.  Have you tried wine coloured penstemon with orange montbretia?  Glorious!!!  It was a happy accident, a brilliant discovery. 

I have spent many happy hours deadheading in the garden.  I love it.  It has been the cornerstone of this wet Irish summer for me, making sure it has been filled with many many Special Moments.  The new flower garden took a lot of work to dig and prepare the beds, and nurturing the trays and trays of seedlings, but lets face it, even the work part is fun, and the rewards are huge.

If you have caught the gardening bug too, drop a line and let me know.

Wishing you countless Special Moments Everyday.

Love, Sharon.