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Special Moment – A Phonecall from an old Friend

March 12, 2009

I had a lovely surprise last night.  At about 9 o’clock, my son called me for a phonecall.  The voice was one I hadn’t heard for a long time – it was my old friend Margaret, and we hadn’t managed to catch up with each other for absolutely ages – could it even be a couple of years?  We send notes with Christmas cards every year, but with busy lives its very difficult to keep up to date.

Well last night we spoke for ages.  We caught up on all the old mutual friends, what our kids are up to, news about our lives now, and – even better – we made a plan to catch up in person over the summer.

It has woken me up out of my reverie, and I am thinking which other old friends I can surprise with a phonecall.

Pure therapy.

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.