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A Proud “Mammy” Moment!!!

July 14, 2008

Yesterday was a very proud day for me.  My second son, Ciaran, 10 years old, was featured in one of our national Sunday newspapers.  The story goes like this:

Ciaran loves books, and he has created a website for kids about books called  Anyway, he decided that he would love to have a review of a book published in the newspaper, so he wrote one and sent it off to the Sunday Tribune.  Well, the doors opened for him!  The editor emailed him and told him his timing was perfect – they were doing a feature on kids books, and they had looked at his website and thought it was great.  She got a journalist to phone to interview him, and they sent a photographer down to take pictures.  You can imagine the excitement!

Then we had to wait for Sunday to see the paper.  I won’t forget the thrill when I opened the paper for quite some time!  There was a fabulous photo of my Ciaran on the front page, and a full-page article on him inside, complete with his book review!!!

Ciaran was absolutely thrilled – his grin was so wide!!! 

If you’re interested, you can see the article at

Not your ordinary everyday Special Moment, but a very special moment all the same!!!

Wishing you countless special moments everyday.



Traffic Reports – Oh Happy Days!!!

May 29, 2008

Here’s the picture.

We were lying in bed this morning, listening to the traffic reports after the news.  Oh, what a good feeling!!!

There were all sorts of diversions being put in place on one of the approach roads to Dublin for various reasons, and we knew what kind of traffic hell that was going to cause for commuters this morning.

Did that affect us?  Oh no, except of course to make us feel fantastic! 

Four years ago we moved from Dublin to a rural area in the South East.  Traffic no longer plays the major role in our lives as it  used to do, and today I was reminded of that, and boy was that a Special Special Special Moment!!!!!

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day,




Mountain Day 2008

May 25, 2008

Once a year, we have a family tradition where we all take a day off and head for the hills to play!

The origins of the Murphy Family Mountain Days is a great one.  When Tony was young a couple of times his dad was driving him to school, and he passed the school by, went to the shop, bought a pint of milk and a packet of biscuits and the two of them headed off for a day together.  These were some of the magical times Tony remembers with his dad, so we have our own family version now.

When we lived in Dublin, it was called a Mountain Day because we headed for the Dublin Mountains – now we live in Kilkenny, and we head for the beach, but the name Mountain Day has stuck.  It goes like this – Tony and I decide on a day and we clear our diaries so that we can take the day off.  We DON’T tell the kids.  Then when the day comes, we all get up as normal.  We will have a picnic packed and in the boot without the kids knowing about it.  They get their uniforms on and we will make some excuse or delay them so that they miss the school bus.  We usually make a great show of giving out that they were too slow getting ready or something, and we drive them to school – only we pass the school!!! 

At this point there is great yahoos from the back seat – rhey have realised that it is a mountain day and the singsong begins!!! 

Searching for goldThis year we went to Duncannon Beach in Wexford – a favourite haunt of hours.  We spent a couple of hours paddling, and climbing rocks and having a picnic.  It was heavenly.  Then we headed for Waterford to see the new Indiana Jones movie – it was great – a bit scary for Niamh in places, but she loved it.

It was a brilliant day, and I think that in years to come, we will all remember our Mountain Days.  I hope our kids continue the tradition with their families.  The fact that it happens on a work and school day is really important, because it feel;s great – like a bonus day – a gift.  The time is really special because we are all aware that we have captured this special time together.

Try it for your gang.  I highly recommend it.Yahoo





Free Plant Retail Therapy – Concentrated Special Moments!

May 20, 2008

Today was the day!!!  I have been thinking about and getting ready for this day since my birthday, 4 weeks ago.

For my 40th birthday, some of my friends got together and got me a voucher they knew I would love – a voucher for the local garden centre.  I have been digging two new large beds for a herbaceous border, and I have started planting them – moving plants from other parts of the garden to their new home.

Today was the day I got an hour to myself to head into the Garden Centre for some wonderful retail therapy.  I used to work there, so it was doubly nice to get a trolley and mosey around as a customer while the people working there were haring around answering queries and serving customers. 

I had a voucher for €100 and the total came to – wait for it – €100.15!!!  Didn’t I do well? 

What was in my shopping basket?

2 Peony roses – my new passion
2 Astilbes
1 Phlox
1 Dierama
3 hanging red geraniums for pots I have
A selection of Alpines for the front of the bed.
A drum of Poultry Manure – I find it a brilliant plant food

This was only half the stash.  Yesterday I went to the nursery that I used to work at and there I picked up:

3 Lavender
3 Nepeta Six Hills Giant
3 Alchemilla Mollis
1 Fuschia
3 Hostas
1 Artemesia
1 Agapanthus
1 Perovskia
1 Viola Columbine
1 Anemone
1 Rosemary
1 Convulvulus

The feeling of driving home with my car full of plants is fantastic.  My new plant babies are positioned on the bed, and are ready for planting.  Hopefully I can get to that this evening.  I hope I manage to leave enough room for all the annual cosmos, lavatera, larkspur cornflowers and hollyhock I have coming on nicely!

Gardening provides so many of my Special Moments.  For me, there is nothing quite like the thrill of planting and watching a bed develop, deadheading and minding and cutting flowers through the summer.

Watch out – you might just catch the bug! 

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.




The Magical Midnight Hour

May 8, 2008

Last night I was out at a reflexology network meeting and wasn’t home til around 11.  Tony had asked me to bring home a bottle of wine for a wind-down drink and chat when I got home.  How could you refuse a request like that?

Last Autumn we had a deck built – thank you Richard Dempsey – you are the best (and most patient) carpenter in the world!!!  That deck is worth its weight in gold – we are enticed out there every time the sun shines. 

Last night was a beautiful night here, and we retired to the deck with candles and a bottle of wine, and we sat and chatted and chatted and chatted.  We didn’t give in and go to bed until 1am, and it was absolutely magical.  You know the way – you live together, you parent together, but you forget to tell each other lots of little things.  Well, we caught up on lots of things, and we got to see the magnificent night sky.

In Ireland, time sitting outside at night is precious because our climate doesn’t allow it a lot – but if you get the chance, grab it.  There’s nothing quite like it.

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.




Rotovators are KING

May 8, 2008

Ok – I’m converted!!!

I have been trying since last September to get two big new flowerbeds beside my deck ready for planting.  What is it they say?  If I knew then what I know now…..

First I sprayed them – I hated spraying them because I try to garden without chemicals, but I was impatient and I thought this would be a faster way to achieve my goal.  Wrong!  I sprayed them and it took weeks for the grass to die off.  Then it got too wet to do anything with them and I spent the winter feeling guilty every time I passed them – they are right outside my door and I’m a busy mum – so that was a lot of guilt!!!

By the time Spring came, the moss and weeds were starting to take hold again!!!  So much for chemicals being the easy way.  I started to take the sod off – by hand – well, with a spade!  Now to the seasoned gardener, I know this will sound crazy.  It was crazy.  I filled wheel-barrow after wheel-barrow with the sods and hauled them across my none too small garden to the corner where I piled them, and back to more back-breaking sod lifting.  I spent weeks working every now and then at this.

Fast forward to my neighbour, who also loves his garden.  But he’s much cleverer than me!  He had a loan of a sod-lifter and a rotovator.  He lifted the sod on paths in his garden in what seemed like a heart-beat – I felt so silly!!!  Then he offered me a loan of the rotovator.  My plan was to double-dig the beds by hand.  I had started the day before and had finished a tiny corner in an afternoon – ok, well, I had 3 separate callers all of whom wanted to sit for a cuppa – you can see that progress would be slow. 

Last Sunday Graham brought the rotovator in for me and off I went.  Honestly, it took all of about 30 minutes.  I am in LOVE with rotovators.  I think rotovating those beds must come close to my most special Special Moment ever!!!  Well, that was until the rotovator broke down!

My mind is working overtime dreaming about all the new flowerbeds I can develop.  Next time, though, its a trailer I’ll be looking for to go to the hire shop and hire a sod-lifter and rotovator.  I may have pooh-poohed boys and their toys before – now I see the error of my ways.  The hard way is NOT always the best way.  I apologise for my silliness.

Wishing you countless Special Moments.



Stolen Herbs!!!

May 8, 2008

This morning I took a walk with a friend around the flower and herb gardens in a beautiful country estate and hotel called Mount Juliet.  If you are a golfer, you will have heard of it.  I was getting inspiration for two new large flowerbeds I am finally ready to plant up.

Well the flower gardens are just starting to wake up.  It is such an optimistic time.  I think it is my favourite time of year, with things starting to peep up, and the full potential of the summer garden is yet to unfold. 

There is a new herb garden in Mount Juliet and we had a fantastic time exploring, smelling the leaves of the herbs – recognising some, guessing others, and being totally stumped at still more!  We found some lemon balm, and we stole some leaves.  Ok, so its not stealing on a grand scale or anything, but if felt very bold!!!

I am just letting my leaves infuse in a gorgeous dotty teapot just big enough for one, and I am going to sit and enjoy my stolen herbal tea in a quiet few moments before I start the school runs and the mayhem of the afternoon and evening.

I just LOVE Special Moments!!!!

Wishing you countless Special Moments every day.




Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

October 20, 2007

Wow!!!  Talk about concentrated Special Moments!!! 

We took our kids to see a visiting production of the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.  Tony and I had both seen it as children, and our kids have the DVD starring Donny Osmond as Joseph, so they know all the songs.

My God it was fantastic.  It was magical.  It was the stuff of dreams coming true (literally – that’s what the story is about!)  I felt totally overcome with emotion by the time it was over.  The age profile of the audience was so varied, and it was wonderful to see so many open smiling faces at the end of the show. 

The cast had completely open smiling faces by the end as well.  They gave their all to the show, and obviously they had a ball too. 

It was a fantastic family outing.  It was a privilege to be there.  We all enjoyed it so much and it definitely earns its place in the Murphy Family History.

Thanks to my Mam and Dad for bringing me and my siblings as kids – it is something I have always cherished the memory of, and yesterday I was able to give the same gift to my children.

Ah, the joys of parenthood!!!

A Light Bulb Moment – Perfectionism leads to Misery

October 18, 2007

Why didn’t I realise it before?

I am what I call a Recovering Perfectionist.  (If you were to see my home, you would say I am completely recovered!!!)

My Light Bulb Moment? I realised that my perfectionism has contributed to me being FAT. 

I have been doing Marna Goldstein’s course on using the Law of Attraction to attract the body you want.  Her site is  As part of the course I was writing the story of how I put on my weight.  The thinking is that you have to release the past before you can move forward to a brand new you.

I realised that I always hated bits of my body.   What did I focus on?  The bits that I hated.  I couldn’t even acknowledge or notice the bits that I liked.  What was the result?  I got more of what I focussed on – bits of me that are too large and the wrong shape.  I became bigger than I have ever been and I have attracted it. 

I had read before that everything in your life you experience you have attracted.  I knew on an intellectual level that I had attracted an overweight body that I feel very ashamed of, but I didn’t really understand how – until now.

What does a perfectionist focus on?  THE IMPERFECTIONS.  When you are focussing on the imperfections, are you feeling gratitude for the bits that are right?  Generally not.  What is the perfectionist attracting (usually with great emotion!)?  More imperfections.  Your Wish Is My Command!!!

I vote for Gratitude, Appreciation, Celebration of the Good Bits. 

I am well on the road to recovering from the disease of Perfectionism.

Here’s to attracting a beautiful, slim, healthy body full of vitality, and appreciating and being grateful for the body I have now is the path to success.

Special Moments with Little Lord Fauntleroy

October 18, 2007

Some of our best family Special Moments are when we all cuddle up on the couch in front of a great film or television programme.

Our favourites on television here are Dr. Who, Robin Hood, and some of the X Factor type talent shows.

Of course in film High School Musical and HSM2 are right up there, but lately a friend gave me a DVD to watch with the kids and it was fantastic.  Little Lord Fauntleroy is an old film, made in the 1970s, which was recently given as a free gift with a newspaper here.  We sat down to watch it and we were all mesmerised and touched by the feel-good factor in this film.  Cedric, the boy the film is about, was an incredible character who left a mark on each of us.

Definitely one to watch for all the family!