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Special Moments at Work

September 21, 2011

I work part-time in a school for children and teenagers with mild general learning disabilities. Today I had several really Special Moments at work.

This morning I was working with a 17 year old boy – he had a reflexology session and he LOVED it. I put a warm blanket over him and a warm towel on his feet, and he just revelled in being spoiled. It was a really Special Moment. just watching him enjoy the simple pleasures. He enjoyed that so much, I felt I had already benefitted him without even doing the reflexology treatment!

Another little girl who is 10 and who finds new experiences very difficult, quietly said “thank you for having me for reflexology today” as she left. That meant a lot.

Another 14 year old boy came to find me. I had organised for him to be part of the new Seasons for Growth Group in school and they had their first meeting today. I wasn’t actually facilitating the group this titime. He came to find me to tell me how Seasons went for himn today, and to say that he thinks it will be okay, but he wishes I was in the group. I found myself brushing off this compliment, but then I just stopped to let myself have that Special Moment, and it was a good one!

It was a really busy day in work today, and the afternoon was hectic with relaxation classes for the youngest two classes in the school – now that was hilarious! Afterwards I felt like I had been run over by a bus! But during the groups there were those precious moments when we had fun, or when I looked around and among the squirming and messing there were one or two children that were really enjoying the relaxation and going with it.

As I walked back to my car to come home, and I thought about my Special Moments today, it was a good day!

Wishing you countless Special Moments at work!

Mindfulness leads to Special Moments

April 5, 2007

A friend gave me a few handouts after a workshop she did on Mindfulness.  Of course, being absent-minded, I lost them!  Anyway, I found them today, and read them.

One very special handout was about multi-tasking actually lowers productivity, not raises it.  Now as a working mum, I have taken multi-tasking to a higher level.  I am constantly doing at least 2 things at a time.  In the past couple of weeks things have been crazy.  I am listening to my kids at the same time as reading my books for college.  Telephone conversations never happen unless I am tidying, ironing, working on the computer etc. at the same time. But guess what?  I haven’t noticed very many Special Moments in the last few weeks.

Today, I was very busy, but I only did one thing at a time – most of the time!  Today, I experienced quite a few Special Moments with my kids and with myself.  Mindfulness takes practice.  I had completely fallen out of the habit of it.  It means really feeling the water and the dishes when you are washing the dishes.  Really hearing the sounds around you.  Really feeling the keys while you are typing your blog entry!

Multi-tasking is how I live my life, but I don’t think it is good for me.  I don’t think it makes me happy.

Practice of mindfulness and doing one thing at a time continues…..