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Guilty Family Time – August Rush

April 16, 2008

I was feeling a bit guilty yesterday because I didn’t spend much time with my kids on my birthday.

Guilt sometimes is a great thing!  I decided that I would rent a film for tonight that we would all watch together.  I spotted one I hadn’t heard of – August Rush – and it really sparked something because it was about playing music, hearing music, feeling music.

Well, I have to say that in this house, it was a tremendous success.  We sat down together and we were all absolutely enthralled.  I, as usual, was in tears at the end.  At one point there was a moment in the film and my middle son just jumped up and yelled YES at the tv – when we looked at him he looked a bit surprised and embarrassed!!  He had just been totally immersed in the story.

So guilt led to a great Family Special Moment.  Who says its a wasted emotion?


Birthday Celebrations – Countless Special Moments

April 16, 2008

I haven’t posted for a week or so – because I’ve been celebrating!!! 

I celebrated the wonderful milestone of my 40th birthday this week – actually, I celebrated all week!  I had a great party with my girlfriends.  A friend was celebrating the milestone of 50 years the same week, so we had a 90th birthday party.   Only problem?  She kept telling everyone we were both 45!!!  I had a fantastic family celebration, and a brilliant day out with my husband on the actual day of my birthday.

I couldn’t count the Special Moments
– texts and telephone calls with birthday wishes
– hearing my mother sing Happy Birthday to me on the phone (and knowing that she was in the middle of a busy office at the time!)
– reading lovely messages on cards
– getting beautiful pressies
– getting a fantastic parcel in the post
– getting tipsy with friends
– getting tipsy with my husband
– watching cine films of my childhood with my family
– three generations of my family singing Happy Birthday to me with a chocolate caterpillar cake with smarties on top – they know me so well!
– the most beautiful walk in the world around the Hook Peninsula in the South of Ireland on a beautiful day with clear blue skies – a little bit of heaven! 

And that was only the highlights!!! 

Special Moments is about celebrating the ordinary everyday moments in our lives, but celebrating the occasions is a huge part of it too. 

I mean, turning 40 doesn’t actually mean anything.  You’re still the same person on the day before and the day after.  But the way we organise this chaotic world of ours, we have set milestones along the journey through life, and I chose to really mark the milestone of 40 years walking this earth (well, 39 – I didn’t walk til I was a year old!).

For me, 40 is about new beginnings.  I was celebrating finally feeling grown up!  Also, I have always felt that my forties were going to be just fantastic.  My kids are doing great and are more and more independent.  My forties are when I get to concentrate on myself and my career again.

Here’s to milestones, to 40 years, and to new beginnings!


A Lazy Sunday, Friends, and a Roast Dinner

November 18, 2007

Today was an absolutely brilliant day – a lazy Sunday morning in bed – far later than intended!  Then a brisk walk with the dog, before hastily cleaning the house and preparing dinner for friends.

 Until a couple of weeks ago I worked on Sundays in a local garden centre.  I had no problem working Sundays all year, but lately it began to be a problem for me, so I decided to stop working Sundays.

What is the upshot of that?  I LOVE Sundays, and today was full of Special Moments.  Family Sundays can be magical.  Today had the perfect recipe – a lie on in bed, a fabulous walk with the most gorgeous dog in the world, relaxed time to cook a Sunday roast and good friends to share it with.  That one will be hard to beat!!!

Quality Time and Hot Chocolate – a Winning Combination!!!

November 16, 2007

This afternoon I had an unexpected hour with my middle son.  This is very unusual – with all the running, dropping and collecting a window of time with just one of the children doesn’t come along very often.

I took him into town to go for a cup of hot chocolate in a lovely coffee shop in New Ross, Co. Wexford, called The Nutshell.  On the way in to town, we saw my husband, his dad, walking along the street in between customer calls, and we phoned him to see if he would like to join us.

The result?  A fantastic 30 minutes, just the 3 of us.  Ciaran was so thrilled to be there – and I would give the hot chocolate a 10 out of 10!!!

 Half an hour that could have been ordinary was turned into a Special Moment.  The more I look for opportunities to turn moments into Special Moments the better my life gets!!!

A Special Moment Courtesy of a Radio Show

November 16, 2007

My husband was listening to a radio show here in Ireland the other day.  Rick O’Shea, on 2FM, ask the listeners to call in to tell the us all the things that made them happy.

 A taxi driver called in to say that he absolutely loved working for himself.  One of the things he loved about it was that he could decide not to work on a given day and sit at home in the morning, cuddled up in his living room watching a DVD.

Well, my husband and I both work for ourselves, so he decided that we should take time this morning when the kids were gone to school to sit and watch a DVD.  The film wasn’t great, but the feeling was like skipping school!!!  It was brilliant, and it was a Special Moment for sure. 

Sometimes we forget to stop and see the choices and options we have around us.  Working for ourselves gives huge freedom.  Today we took advantage and it felt great.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat

October 20, 2007

Wow!!!  Talk about concentrated Special Moments!!! 

We took our kids to see a visiting production of the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.  Tony and I had both seen it as children, and our kids have the DVD starring Donny Osmond as Joseph, so they know all the songs.

My God it was fantastic.  It was magical.  It was the stuff of dreams coming true (literally – that’s what the story is about!)  I felt totally overcome with emotion by the time it was over.  The age profile of the audience was so varied, and it was wonderful to see so many open smiling faces at the end of the show. 

The cast had completely open smiling faces by the end as well.  They gave their all to the show, and obviously they had a ball too. 

It was a fantastic family outing.  It was a privilege to be there.  We all enjoyed it so much and it definitely earns its place in the Murphy Family History.

Thanks to my Mam and Dad for bringing me and my siblings as kids – it is something I have always cherished the memory of, and yesterday I was able to give the same gift to my children.

Ah, the joys of parenthood!!!

Stress and Special Moments

March 2, 2007

I have been very stressed lately, and visitors to this blog know that I haven’t been experiencing as many Special Moments as I would like.

In the past few days, that has changed – and I like it!

I don’t know how or why, but my stress levels have decreased.  Maybe its because a big job that I have been very nervous about and has been postponed several times is finally underway, so that stress has dissipated.

Anyway – the point.  I have been experiencing countless Special Moments every day. It is amazing.  And I have been connecting with my kids in a fantastic way.  I achieve the same things every day, i.e. I go to college, get home, make the dinner, get homework done – theirs and mine!  I work in the evenings etc. etc. etc.  But without stress, I am free to experience countless Special Moments, in particular with my kids, every day.

I think that if we are to experience Special Moments which make life magical (and I am committed to living a magical life), then we need to work on the level of stress in our lives, and do whatever it takes to reduce it.

I want to do whatever it takes to help me to FEEL GOOD in any given moment.

Right this moment – I feel fantastic!!!

Special Moments 28th January 2007

January 28, 2007
  1. Looking into my 5 year old daughter’s eyes and seeing the sparkle in them.
  2. Pausing to watch my husband and 3 kids digging our new vegetable patch in the back garden and realising – this is it – this is part of the ‘Dream’.
  3. Seeing my two boys sitting chatting on the swings.
  4. Sitting watching a television show where a band were on – they were just doing their thing and having a ball!!  The feeling was contagious.  It reaffirmed my commitment to organise my life so that I can do what it is that I enjoy most.
  5. Baking chocolate biscuits with my daughter – not all of the experience – some of it got very frustrating!!  But there were moments of definite connection and pure joy.  (And the bikkies are great!)