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The Gratitude or The Lucky Game

February 16, 2007

This morning I was sitting down with my family at breakfast and we had several Special Moments in a row!!

I don’t know how this game started – you could say it was Divine inspiration – but we decided to play The Lucky Game.

We all had to take turns from eldest to youngest, and the goal was to do 5 rounds where on each round everyone said one thing they were really lucky for.

Tony started saying he was lucky to have a family he loved.  The kids needed a bit of help – one was lucky because he was able to go to school on the school bus – one was lucky because he got to play rugby – one was lucky because she had lots of friends – one was lucky because he had his own room – one was lucky because she had a pink jumper!

What I was hoping to achieve was that we all went about our day feeling blessed and really good about ourselves and our lives.  Certainly it started my day on a fantastic note, and we are definitely going to play it again.

One of the boys had difficulty finding things to be grateful for – he was feeling a bit low and he finds it difficult to come up from the depths when he is like that. 

Because things to be grateful for didn’t roll off the kids tongues, I feel that this is a game well worth using regularly with them.

As the Law of Attraction tells us, what we focus on grows.  Gratitude is like a fast track to feeling amazing.  I’m hoping to use this game to teach my kids about gratitude so that being grateful and feeling lucky comes naturally to them. Now that’s one way of walking towards living a truly fantastic life!

If you decide to try this one, I’d love to know how it goes in your home.