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Perspective is the Key

October 3, 2007

How come when we’re in one mood something makes us delighted and blissfully happy.  On another day, in another mood, the exact same circumstances depress us!!!  One day the circumstances qualify as Special Moments – another day they are the complete opposite.

Let me illustrate – one morning last week my kids were gone to school.  My kitchen was clean and I was sitting at the stove with my husband at 9.15am having a cuppa and a chat.  Bliss?  No – not that morning!  I was completely depressed.  I was distraught because I had no clients booked in for reflexology.  All I was focussed on was the lack of work at that time.  I was feeling guilty for having time with my husband at that time of the day – I should have been working and earning.

Later that day I went out for a walk and had a lightbulb moment – in the dreams I have for the perfect life for me – time in my home to myself or with my husband are a cornerstone of the dream.  Imagine, I was experiencing part of my dream and instead of being grateful to the Universe I was berating it!!!

Where is all this going?  I don’t know.  If anyone out there has any words of wisdom, I would sure love to hear them.  It seems to me that the most important thing in the world is to feel good in yourself, about yourself.  For me, that feeling good about myself is very linked to what I work at, the quality of work I do, and what other people think of me.  Warped or what?  That completely blocks me from enjoying life.

Maybe today, I will manage to keep a good perspective.  I’m sitting in my kitchen.  It is clean and my kids are gone to school.  Today feels different, thank you Universe.

 The difference has to be how we are feeling.

James Ray reminded me about ENTHUSIASM

March 11, 2007

Thomas Emerson said “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm”.

 I have heard that quote before, but was reminded of it by James Ray when I watched his video clip on  Thanks a million, Jan, for the link in your comment.

My God, but does James Ray practice what he preaches!!  The enthusiasm and energy is just jumping off the screen at you.  You can see that this man loves what he does.  It just pours out of him.

Well, the truth is that I have been on a downward slide for the last couple of days… and the missing ingredient was – you guessed it – enthusiasm!!!  I haven’t been enthusiastic about anything – not the kids – not studying – not cooking – not setting goals – not chatting with friends – not even watching tv with enthusiasm!  When I am in this frame of mind do you know what this makes me?  Not fun at all!!!

James Ray reminded me that its not what you are doing, its the way that you do it that determines success.  His “shoeshine” story is a really good illustration of that.

I watched the video clip, I got up off my chair and I went down the hall to my family and played Scrabble with enthusiasm.  If you only knew how I hate Scrabble, you would understand how difficult that was!  Guess what?  I enjoyed Scrabble.  It turned out to be a turning point in our weekend.  We had Special Moments together.  The kids went to bed happy, and I no longer had the feeling that it had been a totally crap weekend.

Thank you James, and thank you Jan for sending me the link to put me back on track.

Families in Trouble need Special Moments

March 6, 2007

Last night I watched an Irish television programme on RTE1 called Families in Trouble.  This programme follows a family while a child psychologist works with the parents to help their family to deal effectively with their children.  This makes a happier family experience for EVERYONE in the family.

As I watched, the psychologist was trying the help the parents to focus on the positive, not the negative behaviour.  This is fantastic for the Law of Attraction.  What you focus on grows.  He was outlining to them how, if they continually tell their children they are ‘bold’, it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Again – what you focus on grows.  Catch them being good and acknowledge them for it, and that behaviour will be endorsed and will increase.

The programme has reminded me to focus on the positive with my own kids.  It is so easy to fall back to the easy route of focussing on the negative – but where that leads to is not a nice place for anyone – me or the kids!

I also could really identify with the couple in the programme.  The stress of dealing with children all the time is huge. 

So where does Special Moments come in to all of this?

Every time you acknowledge positive behaviour and affirm a child you create a Special Moment.  I notice when I do it that they really enjoy the praise and internalise it in front of my eyes.

I feel better about myself then – Special Moment no. 2.

If I create Special Moments for myself  on a regular basis, I keep my stress levels low and then there is the potential for lots of Special Moments during family time.

The psychologist encouraged the family to create special family time where each member of the family is affirmed.  He asked the parents to make a note of one really positive thing about each child and during special time set aside with all the children they were to read out that thing about each child.  I can’t think of a better example of Special Family Time.

Here’s to better parenting, happier family time, and many many Special Moments!

The TRUTH about Treasure Mapping

March 2, 2007

The TRUTH about Treasure Mapping is that it is incredibly powerful and it really works.

How do I know?  Regular visitors to his blog will know that I did a big Treasure Map less than 2 weeks ago.  Since then, so much has changed in my life:

– I have pictures of my ideal kitchen on my map, with the word WARM on it, and statements about my kitchen being the heart of the home, a place of creativity and laughter.  What has happened?  I got a stove in my kitchen, so now it is WARM, and that is changing how we use the kitchen.  It really is the heart of our home now, and we have laughed together a lot since it was installed.

– I have pictures of me working in the garden, and pictures representing my business, an aspect of which is a landscape gardening business.  I have just started my first big landscape gardening job and it is going really well.

– I have pictures and words that signify feeling confident, full of ideas, inspiration, and energy to ‘Get Up and Go’, to make things happen.  My behaviour and mood have matched these.

– I have pictures of my family, with words on them that signify how I want to feel in my family, with my husband and kids.  Guess what?  We are in a lovely space with each other and everyone seems happy and balanced.

– I have a picture of a woman with the body I would like to have.  What has happened there?  Well, I don’t know if I am losing any weight because I ignore the scales now, but I have noticed that my appetite has decreased, and that for the first time in my life I don’t eat for emotional reasons.

That’s just a taste of how wonderful this Treasure Map has been for me in just 11 days! 

Now you have no excuse – just try it.  If you would like to know more about how to go about the process, just leave me a message and I’ll take you through it.



Missed Opportunities for Special Moments

February 25, 2007

I was at my friend’s birthday party last night.

I have known her for 3 years – she and I both moved to this area at the same time. 

She had invited a mixture of her friends from this period of her life, and her old friends.  It was a gathering of very interesting people.  Did I settle in and enjoy Special Moments connecting with these people?  You guessed it – I didn’t.

There was a party going on in the kitchen, and a group of us ended up sitting in the living room.  I felt completely trapped and like I was missing out on the real party.  Even though I really liked the people in the room with me, it wasn’t enough for me.  I’m ashamed to say I felt agitated and cheated of a good night because I couldn’t excuse myself without being rude and join the party in the other room.  Also, I didn’t have the confidence to walk into the other room and just start talking to people I didn’t know.

My husband, Tony, was at the party too.  He was in the kitchen.  I thought it was hilarious when he told me that the people in the kitchen were struggling with each other too, and they all had a sense that the real party was going on in the Living Room!!!

Anyway, neither of us really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  Instead of settling into the Present Moment and connecting with the people that were around me, I wanted the Present Moment to be different.  I was resisting my reality, and feeling powerless to change it.

The TRUTH was that I really did have the power to have a fantastic evening, but I let the opportunity pass me by.

Sometimes we need to mess up to really get back on track, so there is always a silver lining.  Being disappointed with my evening yesterday has really focussed me today, and I attracted hearing a fantastic interview with James Ray (see post) which set me on fire again.

I keep singing a particularly song in my head:

Always look on the bright side of life!