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A Weekend of Continuous Special Moments!

September 20, 2011

My God, what a weekend! It was just one Special Moment after another!

It started off really well when a lovely client arrived for her session at the Cancer Support Centre with a beautiful gift for me. Well, you could have blown me away! I was absolutely thrilled and touched with her thoughtfulness. It made my day!

On Saturday, the Irish rugby team had an incredible win against Australia in the Rugby World Cup, and the buzz was amazing! That was followed by a visit from my gorgeous sister, Debbie, and we had a faulous walk along the banks of the River Barrow at Graiguenamanagh. That evening we headed to a friend’s house to help celebrate their son’s 18th birthday and we all had a great night.

On Sunday it was party time again – this time at our house. Dublin were playing in the All Ireland Football Final and we decided to have a party in Kilkenny – to make our living room into a Mini Croke Park for the afternoon. We had people from Kilkenny, Donegal, Dublin, Wexford and Cork, but on Sunday afternoon – if they wanted to get fed – they all shouted for Dublin! The craic was great, the buzz was fantastic, and Dublin WON!!!!!

I’m delighted to be blogging about this weekend just gone, because it was a cracker, and now it is preserved for posterity and will be remembered.

Here’s to happy times, celebrations, and fantastic sporting events!

Why Do We Not Do What is Good For Us?

February 12, 2007

I have a confession to make…

I have not been filling in my Special Moments book.

I am feeling crap – I have had a really busy weekend, which I found really stressful, and I had a very disorganised start to the week.  This always adds to my stress and makes me feel like I am just not in control.

I have been feeling negative and I have not been using the tool that I know works to focus on the positive – my Special Moments notebook.  Now, as I write this and think back over the weekend, I can recall a few really Special Moments:

  •  a great chat with my sister-in-law
  • singing Happy Birthday very loudly with my kids to my Mam
  • a great laugh with my husband

There is a certain happiness missing in me as I go through my day.  I certainly don’t feel I am living my life in full technicolour.

Well – that’s not the promise I made to myself, so I am making a promise now that I am resurrecting the Special Moments notebook, and I am going to write 5 Special Moments every day. 

If you have any Special Moments you would like to share, I’d love to hear about them – it would really give me a great lift to hear that there are others out there trying the same experiment.

Wishing everyone many many Special Moments.


Hoorah!!! Back on Track and Feeling Good.

February 5, 2007

I feel fantastic.

I am living a fantastic life.

Has anything changed?  No.  Just me!

I had a very stressful weekend, and I created every bit of the stress myself.  I even managed to work myself up to the point where my neck and shoulders were in agony!  Did I experience many Special Moments in this state?  What do you think!!

Today though, I had a really good day.  It wasn’t a good day to be a gardener today – it was cold and damp and I was working up in the hills in the clouds, so it was freezing and miserable – but I still had a great day!

Someone mentioned Hot Chocolate before we clocked off work, so when I got home I made Hot Chocolate and MarshMallows for us all – now that was fantastic.  It tasted great, it smelled great, and it made everyone smile.  It made an ordinary afternoon special.

When I got home my 5 year old daughter climbed on a chair, held out her arms, and said “Get over here!” to me.  When I went over to her she gave me the biggest hug that neither of us wanted to break.  It made me feel fantastic, and it lasted for about 3 minutes – now that was a LONG Special Moment!

When I was greeting my husband this evening, we really paused to hug, and there was a great connection in the greeting, a sense that ‘Yes, I’m so glad you’re home and we’ll have a lovely evening together’.  That felt fantastic too.

My 10 year old, who had had a really tough day in school on Friday and had gotten into a state about it, came home laughing and with a really light energy about him today – now there was a Special Moment too.

You know what?  I am having another Special Moment right now, just writing this down.  It makes me focus on it, and that makes me experience the positive feelings all over again!!!

I like this blogging!!!

Comments got me back on track

February 3, 2007

This week was a tough one, and I forgot all about my blog.  I haven’t got into a good routine with it yet, and it could easily have just gone by the wayside – except for a Comment!

I received an email to say that I had a comment, and it was a very encouraging Comment, and it tuned me straight back in to Special Moments and reminded me to pause, to refocus.  It also reinforced for me my belief that this blog will achieve its objective of helping me to live a fantastic life filled with Special Moments every day.

Finally, I would just like to thank LindaC again for your comment.  In Special Moments terms, you ‘made my day’!!  Thats because your message reminded me to refocus on looking for and pausing to experience the Special Moments.  Wishing you many Special Moments in return.


Well, Is It Working?

January 28, 2007

Well today I did remember to stop and experience and notice – look, see, listen, feel.  I still got tired and cross and fed up at times, but there were definite SPECIAL MOMENTS dotted through the day.

Here’s to the blog!!

Here we go!

January 28, 2007

What the hell am I doing here?  I’m making a commitment to myself to ‘walk the talk’.  I’m challenging myself to keep my focus on living my best life.

I have been aware for a while now, that my happiest moments occur in those little almost inconsequential moments that happen each day, but that I don’t even notice them if I don’t pause to experience them.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about the moment I look at my daughter and really SEE her in her magnificence.  I’m talking about the times I walk down the lane with my dog, and stop the mind-chatter long enough to really SEE and HEAR all the magic that is around me.  I’m talking about the time I shut up long enough to realise that I have had an inspiration, an idea, a new direction that will take me further along my journey to my fantastic life.

 Anyway, although I because conscious of all time some time ago – does that mean I have been able to live it?  No!!!  I KEEP FORGETTING!!!  So, I started a habit of starting each day by writing down the 5 Special Moments that I had experienced the previous day.  Pretty soon, I discovered that 5 just wasn’t enough – I had experienced many more than 5 and they just had to be written down on the list.  They demanded to be acknowledged.  This was fantastic.  It proved my belief that what you focus on grows.  It also meant that each day was getting better and better because I was looking for Special Moments, and boy did I find them, usually in the most ordinary of places.

So this experience was fantastic – did that mean I kept it up?  No!!!  I don’t know when I stopped.  I could look at my Special Moments Book to check, but the book just makes me feel too guilty now.  I stopped some time last Autumn.  And, when I think about it, my life has lost a little of its colour since then.  It is still great, but I have missed so many of the ordinary moments, because I have gotten out of the habit of pausing to notice them.

 So this blog is my next effort.  I am determined to LIVE a fantastic life, giving it 120%, not just float and exist though this wonderful roller coaster ride.  I will LIVE a life filled with SPECIAL MOMENTS

Will this blog be a lasting effort on my part?  I don’t know, but I do know that for as long as I keep the effort and focus on it, and on all that it is designed to represent and document, my life will be filled with Special Moments.

If you chose to take the journey with me, you are so welcome.

Here’s to an exceptional life, filled with Special Moments every day!