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A Little Bit of Effort – A Whole Lot of Reward!

February 18, 2009

Yesterday we decided as a family to get a Chinese Takeaway to mark the end of the children’s mid-term break from school.

I was busy getting information together for a course I will be running, and I was delighted not to be cooking dinner so I could have more time to work on it. 

Tony headed off to collect the takeaway (no deliveries in rural Ireland!), and I was aware that I had to PULL myself away so that I could set the table and have everything ready when he got back.  I knew that if I didn’t, the meal would just be ordinary, and it would be extra money spent for nothing.

Well, I reluctantly put the laptop aside and started to set the table – tablecloth, candle, the works.  As I was doing this, the kids came out to the kitchen and they got in on the act.  They got the special cutlery out, the wine glasses.  Tony came home to a gorgeous table, subdued lighting and soft music.  We all sat around and had a fabulous Special Moments meal together.  Everyone’s spirits were lifted, and there were lots of jokes and good times.

After dinner, I didn’t want to just leave it there.  There was half an hour before bedtime, so we got out the book we had been reading, but had forgotten about for the past few days, and we sat around the stove and finished it.  It was great!

I was delighted with the evening, and I was delighted that just a little bit of effort that made a very simple evening very, very special.

Wishing you magical moments in your day.



Making Memories

February 18, 2009

I found a new quote that I really like:

Cherish all your happy moments.  They make a fine cushion for old age!

Christoper Morley

I found one of my first Special Moments Journals the other day.  It was an old notebook, an A4 spiral bound one.  I was really surprised to find Special Moments Lists in there, as it was a notebook with all sorts of stuff in it. 

The best thing, though, was that I didn’t just write a list of my Special Moments, I elaborated on each one.  Each one was a few sentences long, so as I read through them I was taken right back to the event or moment.  I really enjoyed reading through them.

As a result I have changed how I write my Special Moments now.  I had been just making lists every day, with just a few words on each line to indicate a Special Moment.  Now, I’m listing fewer entries, but elaborating on the Special Moment.  Its part of the Making Memories thing.  My Special Moments Journals are a way for me to cherish my happy moments, so I can look back on them whenever I want to give myself a lift.

I hope you are enjoying your Special Moments Lists as much as I am.

Wishing you wonderful Special Moments every day.