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The Magic of Taking Time Out

February 19, 2009

Today is 19th February 2009 and it is the seventeenth year in a row that Tony and I have taken time out on the 19th February to get out of our normal routine and enjoy a special day.

It all started in 1993 when we were just newly going out together.  We both were working in office jobs in financial services, and we both had flexi-time.  We agreed to take a Friday off work to spend together.  We met at the time we would usually be going in to work, we went for breakfast together and took a beautiful drive up the Wicklow Mountains and then headed over to the coast – Brittas Bay – a beautiful white sandy beach with huge sand dunes.  It was a magical day from start to finish.  That day played a huge part in establishing our romance that thankfully continues to this day!

Every year since, we have taken the day out on 19th February.  When the kids came along some years we took them with us and some years my fabulous mammy looked after them to give us some time out on our own.  When the kids started school, again some years we took them out of school on 19th February to join us on what we called our “Mountain Day”.

This year, today, we didn’t take the kids.  Instead, when the kids had gone to school, we headed off to Altamount Gardens in Tullow, Co. Carlow.  The journey there was about an hour, and we chatted about all sorts.  Then we walked and wandered for a few hours around the most beautiful gardens.  It was my first time to explore Altamount, and the gardens have been established as one of my favourites.  I can’t wait to go back there with the kids and a picnic in the summer.

We finished up with lunch in a lovely coffee shop, and it was time to head back to the real world, pick up the kids from school, Tony went back to work, and it was back to normal.  Well – it was, but it wasn’t!  Taking time out of our routine, going somewhere different and spending time walking and talking meant that we got to chat about all sorts of things, and make lots of plans and decisions.  We both feel like today’s time was like a turning point for us in terms of work for us both and in terms of decisions we made about things we want to do this year.

Why not establish your own version of a “Mountain Day”?  Its literally worth its weight in gold!

Wishing you magnificent Special Moments today and every day.